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                  This simple hand tool performs two critical jobs!
                  During natural disasters, the EZ Bagger is used to
                  fill sandbags. During trench rescue incidents,
                  rescuers use the tool to safely remove soil from
                  around a buried victim. 

                  Fill Sandbags

                  When disaster strikes and minutes make the
                  difference between safety and tragedy, the
                  Rescue Shovel fills sandbags twice as fast as
                  conventional shovel methods.

                  Simply squeeze the tool and slide it into a
                  sandbag approximately 3 to 4 inches. The molded
                  cleats and the outward force of the design will
                  keep the sandbag open and in place.

                  The sandbag remains on the ground while crews
                  work from a kneeling position. The user scoops
                  sand, tilts the tool and the sand slides into the
                  sandbag. Once the bag is full, the worker
                  squeezes the tool together and slides it out of
                  the sandbag.

                  The tool extends worker endurance because the
                  weight of the sand is lifted near the center of

                  Trench Rescue

                  All too often trench collapse victims are seriously
                  injured or even killed by the equipment rescuers
                  use to reach them.

                  The new EZ Bagger enables rescuers to dig
                  quickly while they handle the shovel blade
                  directly, allowing them to feel any resistance as
                  they dig.

                  The super compact design of the EZ Bagger
                  enables rescuers to shovel dirt by handling only
                  the shovel blade.

                  Dirt can be removed from the area by attaching a
                  sandbag to the bottom of the EZ Bagger or
                  positioning a bucket at an angle, slightly below
                  the EZ Bagger.

                  Up to eight pounds of soil can be removed with
                  just one scoop and tilt motion.

                  Made of durable, nonconductive polypropylene,
                  the EZ Bagger will withstand the abusive
                  conditions associated with trench rescue work.


                  UPC # 71254040056
                  Weight: 14 ounces
                  Size: 15" high x 15" wide x 1/8" thick
                  Case Pack: 12
                  Case Weight: 13 lbs.
                  Made of recycled plastics

                  Case Pack (12 pieces)  $19.95 each FOB
                  Worcester, MA