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Wednesday November 14, 11:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: The Sandbagger Corp.

Military Calling for Sandbagging Machines Since September 11 Says
Sandbagger President

CHICAGO, Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The military since the September 11 tragedy has flooded The Sandbagger Corp.,
Wauconda, Illinois, with inquiries about purchasing its sandbagging machines able to fill more than 1,600 bags per hour with
only five people working on the machine.

Stacey Kanzler, president of the eight year old firm that has revolutionized the filling of sandbags, said several hundred machines
were sold to the military through mid-October this year and many more are being put into budgets.

She said the calls are part of the Operation Noble Eagle, Home Land Security and overseas force protection of the military.

Kanzler, who was the first female member of the Military Readiness Committee of the Society of American Military Engineers,
said representatives of embassies, consulates, office buildings, pipe lines, utilities and transportation companies have also
contacted her business. Her company has Federal contracts with the Defense Department and the General Services

Machines made by The Sandbagger Corp. filled over four million sandbags in Kosovo to provide bunkers around barracks to
protect servicemen and women. These sandbagging units were also acquired by the Euro NATO Training Engineering Center
in Frankfurt, Germany to teach Base Camp Construction.

The Sandbagger president said the military and others calling her company since September 11 want information about the
machines, how fast delivery can be made and the price, which she said usually is less than $25,000.

Traditionally, most of the company sales have gone to emergency, water levee, fire, municipal, National Guard and other
government organizations with some to rental companies and other businesses.

Kanzler said her company was organized when she saw the terrible human suffering and property damage caused by the record
1993 Mississippi River valley floods. She could not understand why people were slowly filling sandbags with shovels and
decided that during her vacation at that time she would design a fast-automated system of filling sandbags.

The design and construction of the first machines went so fast that they were used to save several communities from the
Mississippi River flooding that year.

The company, which recently introduced a Multi-Bagger to fill bags with recycled yard waste for compost and for other
materials, sells these to park districts, municipalities and other government and private interests. The Sandbagger Corp. can be
reached at 800/770-SAND. 

SOURCE: The Sandbagger Corp. 

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