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Slide Shows : Automatic Slide Show

Pause | Play

This SlideShow starts automatically, and cycles
through a set number of images. It has both a play,
and a pause button, to allow your viewers to take a
longer look at your images. It also preloads your images
to help speed up the slideshow. You can also
change the speed that your images scroll. This script
does take some planning, and all your images must be
named sequentially. See the instructions at the bottom
for more information.

Created by: David Miles
Browser Compatability: NN, IE4+
Additional Notes: Dreamweaver Extension available at the author's website.

Copy and paste this code into the of your document:

Copy and paste this into the tag.

First, you need to set up a folder with your images. Create a folder named images.
Your images should all be named slide_1.jpg, slide_2.jpg, etc. You also need to
name your image in the body of your document. Your image tag should look like this: Customization:
To customize this script, you need to edit the information in the of the

To set the image number, size, and type:

You need to edit the first section of the script to set the image sizes and the number
of thumbnails in your slide show.

maxslides=8; This is the number of slides in your show.
speed=4000 This is the speed your images change, in milliseconds.
for(var n=1;n<=maxslides;n++) {
slide[n]=new Image(350,231);
Set the size of your images here.
slide[n].src='images/slide_'+n+'.jpg'; Set the URL, and type of image here.

For a complete tutorial, and more examples of this script in action, visit

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